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Number of Veterans: 2263

Class of Picture Student Name Branch of Service Conflict Rank RIP
Thomas M Frisbee USAF/USAFR Vietnam War Gulf War Desert Storm Lt Col 10/10/18
1966 Joseph Vagliardo USAF 1967-1971 Vietnam War 2/22/22
1955 Philip E Santos USA Cold War Era UNK 10/2/21
1968 Dean Kellerhouse USA-1983-1986 / USNR 1986-2002 Desert Storm CPT (USA) LCDR (USNR)
1963 John Graves USA (Green Beret) Vietnam War Era Sgt 7/25/21
1959 Graydon O Rogers USA 1959-1962 Cold War Era 5/2/21
1969 Michael Mould USN Vietnam War EM2
1965 Roy Stiefel USAF-1966-1969 Vietnam War
1957 James W Spencer Jr USAF 1959-1963 Cold War Era A/2C
1987 John-Michael Insetta USA 1989-Present Operation Enduring Freedom Operation Iraqi Freedom LTC
1957 Charles H Tipple USAF 1963-69 Vietnam War Captain
1979 Mark Losa USN 1979-1999 (Ret) Gulf War Desert Storm LT
1966 Loucks USAF Vietnam War Era
1963 McLean USAF 1965-1968 Vietnam War Era Sgt
1966 McLean USAF 1966-1971 Vietnam War Era Sgt
1938 Mary Margaret Comiskey Smith WAC WWII 1Lt 5/14/79
1974 Winton "Winky"Whte USN Unknown Vietnam War Era AE1
Charles R Blanchard USN/USMM Unknown 8/8/2019
1967 Clark H Lindo USN Vietnam War Commander
James Delaney USA-1966-1970 Vietnam War Capt
Kenneth L Swift WWII
Stuart G Sweet WWII
Herbert Sweet WWII
Douglas Swartz WWII
Carleton Swartz WWII
Kenneth Swartout Jr. WWII
Richard H Swartout WWII
Schuyler Swart WWII
Charles H Swart WWII
Wilson Sutch WWII
Joseph T Super Jr. WWII
Edward J Super WWII
Albert Super WWII
Dennis J Sullivan Jr. WWII
William H Sullivan WWII
Mary C Sullivan WWII
Lyle M Sullivan WWII
Harry A Sullivan WWII
Francis C Sullivan WWII
Charles R Strong WWII
Lynn W Stringer WWII
Marshall F Strait WWII
Lowell K Strait WWII
Clarence B Strait WWII
Marcel A Stowell WWII
Lucien P Stowell WWII
Harry R Stowell WWII
Doris M Storm WWII
Foster B Stobeck WWII
Irving G Stimpson Jr. WWII
Ralph R Stimpson WWII
Amos W Stimpson WWII
Vyrle E Stillwell WWII
Leland A Stillwell WWII
Rivera F Still WWII
Frederick L Stiefel Jr. WWII
Robert C Stiefel WWII
Donald R Stiefel WWII
William W Stewart WWII
Robert J Stevenson WWII
John O Stevens WWII
Kenneth C Stevener WWII
George E Sternberg WWII
Charles Stepp WWII
John A Steidle Jr. WWII
Emmons C Steenrood WWII
Edward J Stecher Jr. WWII
Cecil A Stearns Jr. WWII
Noel G Stay WWII
George L Starr WWII
Floyd R Starr WWII
Lee R Starkweather WWII
Donald Starkweather WWII
Jack M Stare WWII
Volney J Starbird WWII
Mary E Stapleton WWII
Robert L Stanton WWII
Leonard J Stanton WWII
Myron R E Stanley WWII
Rosslyn J Stanhouse WWII
Rea W Stanhouse WWII
James R Stanhouse WWII
Michael J Stallone WWII
William H Stack WWII
James C St. John WWII
Donald I St. John WWII
Benjamin H St. John WWII
Loius E Sprague WWII
Greenford Sprague WWII
Clayton W Sprague WWII
Gerald W Sponburgh WWII
Ernest D Sperry WWII
Anthony Speranzi WWII
Andrew W Speranzi WWII
George Spencer Jr. WWII
Roland C Spencer WWII
Ivan C Spencer WWII
Dominic A Sparacco WWII
Anthony Sparacco WWII
Robert J Southern WWII
Edgar R Southern WWII
Donald L Southern WWII
Betty Southern WWII
Stuart T Southard WWII
Russell A Southard WWII
Kendall L Southard WWII
Howard L Southard WWII
Robert J Sousa WWII
Frederick J Sousa WWII
Frank G Souders WWII
Wiliam M Sommer WWII
Lloyd D Soloweigh WWII
George Solovitch WWII
Andrew Solovitch WWII
Joseph F Solo WWII
James B Sobers WWII
Fred Sobers WWII
Alfred C Snyder WWII
George Snow WWII
Earl F Snay WWII
Kathryn Snavely WWII
Harry F Snavely WWII
Stewart P Smith WWII
S. Bramley Smith WWII
Robert L Smith WWII
Robert G Smith WWII
Robert A Smith WWII
Richard G Smith WWII
Paul J Smith WWII
Merlin R Smith WWII
Leo W Smith WWII
Judson E Smith WWII
Ivan E Smith WWII
Harold S Smith WWII
George L Smith WWII
Doris Smith WWII
Donald W Smith WWII
Frank Smith WWII
Clyde E Smith WWII
Ambrose Smith WWII
James E Slavin WWII
Charles Slavin WWII
Walter A Slade WWII
Marion E Slade WWII
Clifford Slade WWII
William H Skoglund WWII
Howard Skoglund WWII
John A Skoglund WWII
James E Sitts WWII
Charles H Sitts WWII
Harry F Sinstack WWII
George W Sinstack WWII
Harry R Sinninger WWII
Irving G Simpson Jr. WWII
Wellington E Simpson WWII
Robert Simonds Jr. WWII
Robert N Simmons WWII
Ralph K Simmons WWII
Paul E Simmons WWII
Kenneth J Simmons WWII
Fredrick J Simmons WWII
Earl W Simmons WWII
Duane Simmons WWII
John B Silliman WWII
George M Silliman WWII
George B Silliman WWII
Clifford R Silliman WWII
Joseph Signor WWII
William E Shutts Jr. WWII
Frank J Shutts Jr. WWII
Lavern Shutters WWII
Clifford J Shutters WWII
Grant Shumay Jr. WWII
Maynard A Shumay WWII
George Shumay WWII
Arnold Shumay WWII
Edmund F Shultis WWII
Lynn R Short WWII
Gerald D Shippey WWII
Robert P Shipe WWII
Kenneth B Dibble WWII
Earl K Culver Unknown
William P Shields WWII
Kenneth J. A. Shields WWII
William Sherman WWII
John F Sherman WWII
Foster Sherman WWII
Robert Sherman WWII
Robert E Sheppard WWII
Irmgard M Sheldon WWII
George E Sheldon WWII
William B Sheetz WWII
Willford L Sheehan WWII
Bruce Shearer WWII
Guy H Shaw WWII
Douglas W Shaw WWII
Charles O Shaw WWII
Whitney J Shaver WWII
Fenton Shapley WWII
William G Shannon WWII
John Seybolt WWII
Arthur E Seybolt WWII
Clayton Severance Jr WWII
Hugh I Sessions WWII
Edward J Secord WWII
Robert R Searles WWII
Dwight R Scutt WWII
Thomas S Sculley Unknown
Harold F Sculley WWII
William F Scudder WWII
Raymond B Scudder WWII
Gerald W Scudder WWII
Douglas G Scudder WWII
Donald G Scudder WWII
Samuel Scott WWII
Lawrence P Scott WWII
Marino J Scorzafava WWII
Flory Scorzafava WWII
Alfred Scorzafava WWII
Milton W Schumann WWII
Frances Schmitt WWII
Raymond Schloupt WWII
William Schermerhorn WWII
Harold Schermerhorn WWII
William Schenk WWII
James S Schenk WWII
Robert J Schelleng WWII
Leo Schatzky WWII
Harry Schatzky WWII
Robert C Schaffer WWII
Lawrence J Schaffer WWII
Gerald R Schaffer WWII
Ralph F Schaar WWII
John A Scavo WWII
Wilbur B Saxton WWII
Walker A Saunders WWII
Wellington H Sargent WWII
Robert C Sargent WWII
John F Sargent WWII
Joseph A Sardella WWII
Bart Santora WWII
G Traver Sanley WWII
Paul Salisbury WWII
Lloyd E Salisbury WWII
Ralph F Saggese WWII
Frank R Saggese WWII
Charles L Sage WWII
Robert W Safford WWII
Norman Safford WWII
Leal M Ryndes WWII
Lawrence J Ryan WWII
Lamont H Rutan WWII
Hartford L Rutan WWII
Guilford C Rutan WWII
Ernie B Rutan WWII
Donald H Rutan WWII
Edward L Rush WWII
Maude Rundle WWII
Henry W Rumenapp WWII
Stanely A Russell WWII
Armand O Roy WWII
Harold R Rowland WWII
Earl A Rowland WWII
Earl H Rowe WWII
Albert A Rowe WWII
William J Ross WWII
Anthony A Ross WWII
Aldivine A Ross WWII
Nicholas C Rosher Jr WWII
Michael B Rosher WWII
Frances J Rosher WWII
Anthony F Rosher WWII
Samuel T Rosen WWII
Morris Rosen WWII
Edward H Rosekrans WWII
Russell E Rose WWII
Lewis H Rose WWII
Paul L Rorick WWII
Norman E Roper WWII
Victor Ronovech WWII
Michael V Roman WWII
John Roman WWII
Pershing Rolfe WWII
Alexander Rohacevitch WWII
Majorie Rogers WWII
Louis M Rogers WWII
Kenneth W Rogers WWII
Ivan G Rogers WWII
Harold E Rogers WWII
Arthur Rogers WWII
Jasper F Rock WWII
Harold F Rock WWII
John W Robinson WWII
George L Robinson WWII
Gene C Robinson WWII
Earl J Robinson WWII
Gerald W Roberts Jr WWII
William Roberts WWII
Myron R Roberts WWII
Dorman E Roberts WWII
Henry E Robbins WWII
Howard L Robbins WWII
Harry W Robbins WWII
Franklin Rivenburgh WWII
Lester H Riter WWII
Berner B Riter WWII
Paul Ritchko WWII
James Ritchko WWII
Fred Ritchko WWII
Arthur Ritchko WWII
Samuel Rinella WWII
Austin Rinella WWII
Thomas G Riley WWII
Robert F Riley WWII
Arthur J Riley WWII
Hazel Rider WWII
Robert V Riddell WWII
Owen E Richason WWII
Harold S Richards WWII
Edward H Richards WWII
Harry Rice WWII
Marshall Reynolds Jr WWII
George I George I Reynolds Jr WWII
Thomas E Reynolds WWII
John M Reynolds WWII
Edward P Reynolds WWII
Cecil L Reynolds WWII
Walter T Renwick WWII
Homer Renwick WWII
Donald F Reller WWII
Charles E Reichard WWII
Charles F Reeve WWII
Harold V Utter WWII
Allen G Allen G Utter Jr WWII
John Uster WWII
Arno A Uhlig WWII
Paul L Twachtman WWII
LeRoy E Turner WWII
Harold K Turner WWII
Joseph R Tuepah WWII
Patricia Tucci WWII
John Carlton Truman WWII
Elbert M Trueslale WWII
Earl George Tripp WWII
Donald R Tripp WWII
Glenn L Trinkino WWII
Donald C Trinkino WWII
Charles N Tremper WWII
Stanley Howard Trask WWII
David Trachtenberg WWII
Lansing C Townsend WWII
Kenneth R Townsend WWII
James F Townsend WWII
Frederick S Townsend WWII
Donald C Townsend WWII
Albert R Townsend WWII
Herbert F Torrey WWII
Ernest A Torrey WWII
Dewey R Torrey Jr WWII
Arthur T Torrey WWII
Peter Tomlin WWII
Bernard Tinklepaugh WWII
Samuel Timko WWII
Charles G Timewell WWII
Samuel R Tiffany WWII
Hirman M Tiffany WWII
Glenn L Tiffany WWII
Theodore C Thorpe WWII
Thomas Hay Thorp WWII
Shahan Thompson WWII
Rupert F Thompson WWII
Richard H Thompson WWII
Lynn E Thompson WWII
Jane Thompson WWII
Irving E Thompson WWII
Edward Thompson Jr WWII
Viron Thomas WWII
John S Thomas WWII
James Thomas WWII
Charles W Thomas WWII
Orio R Thayer WWII
Clarence Thayer WWII
Allen E Thayer WWII
Francis Tessitore WWII
Ross C Terrel WWII
Samuel Telesky WWII
Raymond E Taylor WWII
Max E Taylor WWII
Mark Taylor WWII
Doris Tate WWII
Duward M Tarbox WWII
Herbert H Taite WWII
Harriet L Taber WWII
Albert Symonds WWII
Maurice G Walley WWII
Kenneth Walley WWII
Robert Q Wallace WWII
Richard A Wallace WWII
Howard L Wallace WWII
Donald P M Wallace WWII
Benjamin Wallace WWII
John P Walker WWII
Donald Walker WWII
John Preston Walker WWII
Toofie F Wakin WWII
Joseph Wakin WWII
David Wakin WWII
Maynard E Waite WWII
Mary Waide WWII
Laura A Wagar WWII
Stewart J Vroman Jr WWII
Robert J Vroman WWII
Milton E Vroman WWII
Arthur Jacob Vosburg WWII
Keith R Vosburg WWII
Riley Wolferd Vitch WWII
Anthony Allen Vitch WWII
Oliver H Vining WWII
Veron R Vincent WWII
Jack M Vincent WWII
Harold Francis Viele WWII
Edgar B Vermilya WWII
Woodrow W Vaughn WWII
Thomas James Vaughn WWII
Michael Vargo WWII
John Lane VanWoert WWII
James D VanWoert WWII
Leroy VanValkenburg WWII
John R VanSteenberg WWII
Charles E VanSlyke WWII
Donald B VanHoesen WWII
Stewart E VanDeusen WWII
Stephen J VanDeusen WWII
Ronald C VanDeusen WWII
Millard M VanDeusen WWII
Leonard T VanDeusen WWII
Francis G Vandervoort WWII
Leon E Vandermakt WWII
Laurence C VanCuren WWII
George L VanCuren WWII
James G VanBuskirk WWII
1941 Landin I Vanburen WWII
Ford A Vanburen WWII
Charles C Vanburen WWII
Betyty J Vanburen WWII
Melvin D VanBumble WWII
Miles A VanAlstine WWII
James M VanAlstine WWII
Charles H VanAlstine WWII
James K Valentine WWII
Beatrice L Vail WWII
James Carl Vagliardo WWII
Charles Vagliardo WWII
Carmen J Vagliardo WWII
Robert W Utter WWII
Hilton C Utter WWII
Harold M Utter WWII
Eugene Wickham WWII
Sheryl G Whitney WWII
Gwendal M Whitney WWII
Kenneth O Whiting WWII
Frank A Whitman WWII
William White Jr WWII
Verna A White WWII
Stuart C White WWII
Stanford K White WWII
Irvin E White WWII
Henry D White WWII
Delmar H White WWII
John O Whitaker WWII
Donald C Wheelock WWII
Raymond H Wheeler WWII
Leonard A Wheeler WWII
Donald Wheeler WWII
David W Wheeler WWII
Curtis Wheeler WWII
Clifford Wheeler WWII
Charles L Wheeler WWII
Harry N Wetmore WWII
Donald Wetmore WWII
Charles Cecil Wetmore WWII
Walter C Westcott WWII
Paul C Wenck WWII
Harold R Wenck WWII
Nelson A Wells WWII
John Herbert Wells WWII
Edward J Wells WWII
Clifford H Wells Jr WWII
John M Weir WWII
Arthur W Weiland WWII
Cecilia B Weatherly WWII
Leon H Wayman WWII
John Dix Wayman WWII
Hope A Watson WWII
William W Watkins WWII
Warren G Watkins WWII
Kenneth M Watkins WWII
Jack Benjamin Watkins WWII
Gerald E Watkins WWII
Caleb Ira Watkins WWII
Jack Watkins WWII
Andrew G Wathier WWII
Frances E Waterman WWII
George Waters WWII
Lester W Wasson WWII
Harold Elmer Wasson WWII
Francis H Washburn WWII
Charles A Washburn WWII
J Harry Warren WWII
William Warnken Jr WWII
Henry F Warnken WWII
John Warner Jr WWII
Wilber L Warring WWII
Erwin D Waring WWII
Richard J Walsh WWII
Milton R Walsh WWII
Joseph J Walsh WWII
Howard M Walling WWII
James R Walling WWII
Francis S Walling WWII
1944 Donald Zuercher WWII
John W Zagata WWII
Helen Zagata WWII
Frances A Zagata WWII
M J Zagata WWII
Roland W Young WWII
James S Young WWII
Gerald A Young WWII
Frances H Young WWII
Robert B York WWII
Albert P Yerke WWII
William J Yates WWII
Robert S Yates WWII
Howard O Yates WWII
Ivan S Yale WWII
Melvin R Yager WWII
J Kenneth Yager WWII
James H Yager WWII
Howard F Yager WWII
Alfred H Yager WWII
Howard R Wyman Jr WWII
Roy L Wright WWII
Leonard C Wright WWII
Joseph E Wright WWII
John B Wright WWII
H Keith Wright WWII
Harold M Wright WWII
Gilbert L Wright WWII
Jerald S Wright WWII
Charles L Wright WWII
Bernard D Worley WWII
J A Woolheater WWII
Jay G Woodworth WWII
Donald M Woods WWII
Patrick Woods WWII
Margaret P Woods WWII
Leon E Woodbeck WWII
Clarence R Woodbeck WWII
Sidney Wood WWII
Robert W Wood WWII
Richard D Wood WWII
Raymond H Wood WWII
Clyde L Wood Jr WWII
William Wolfendale WWII
Charles F Wolfe WWII
Charles W Wolcott WWII
Kenneth W Woerhrie WWII
Alexander Wilson WWII
Daniel R Winters WWII
Martin D Wiltse III WWII
Clifford A Wilson WWII
William C Wilsey WWII
Charles H Wilsey WWII
Arthur D Wilsey Jr WWII
John G Williams WWII
James E Williams WWII
Norman H Wilcox WWII
Frances Wilber WWII
D Forrest Wilber WWII
Richard Wildeman WWII
F C Wiedeman WWII
Darwin R Whitney WWII
Robert R Reeser WWII
Leonard H Reed WWII
Gerald Redmond WWII
Frederick W Redmond WWII
Norman J Res WWII
Edward J Raynsford WWII
Warren B Rathbun WWII
Donald J Rarick WWII
Jack F Ranieri WWII
John A Randall WWII
George H Rake WWII
Mervington E Quick WWII
Gordon R Quick WWII
Leslie Quackenbush WWII
Everrett Quackenbush WWII
Leonard A Puylara WWII
John A Puylara WWII
Carl A Puylara WWII
Aristo D Purvis WWII
Louis C Pugliese WWII
Harold A Pruss WWII
Wendell C Prindle WWII
Clarence Prindle WWII
Ray H Pride WWII
Harold Price WWII
Frank L Price WWII
Ernest S Price WWII
John S Pratt WWII
Bennie L Pratt WWII
William Powers WWII
John J Powers WWII
John E Powers WWII
Charles W Powers WWII
Walter J Powell WWII
Harry T Powell WWII
Fred N Powell WWII
Ronald S Potter WWII
Raymond K Potter WWII
Philip E Potter WWII
Norbert F Potter WWII
Harvey H Potter WWII
John B Post WWII
Harold E Post WWII
Donald P Post WWII
Willis P Porter WWII
1937 Samuel A Pondolfino WWII
Louis J Pondolfino WWII
Joseph T Pondolfino WWII
Frank L Pondolfino WWII
William B Politer WWII
Weldon J Platt WWII
Robert J Platt WWII
Maurice Y Platt Jr WWII
Earl L Platt WWII
Douglass Platt WWII
Alfred D Platt WWII
Ivan L Place WWII
Jerald A Place WWII
Alphonse F Pizza WWII
James R Piper WWII
Harry W Pindar WWII
Sullivan J Pignatelli WWII
John S Pignatelli WWII
Frank C Pignatelli WWII
Clarence N Pignatelli WWII
William P Pierce WWII
Stuart E Pierce WWII
Ronald V Pidgeon WWII
Harold I Pidgeon WWII
Ellwood F Pidgeon WWII
Donald F Pidgeon WWII
Terance Pickwick WWII
Robert F Pickard WWII
Ruben Phillips WWII
John B Phillips WWII
George A Philippe WWII
Nicholas V Petti WWII
Caryl G Petchtie WWII
Roger F Perry WWII
Frances E Perry WWII
Daniel E Pelham WWII
Albert J Pelham Jr WWII
Kenneth Pedrone WWII
Leon Pederson WWII
Joseph F Pecora WWII
Ivan H Pearson WWII
Douglas C Pearson WWII
Alyn Pearson WWII
Robert C Payne WWII
Herbert L Payne Jr WWII
Harlond B Payne WWII
Earl P Payne Unknown
Metro Paweichak WWII
Peter Paweichak WWII
Robert B Patton Jr WWII
Harold R Pattengill WWII
George W Patten Jr WWII
Ralph Patten WWII
Harold A Patten WWII
Leon A Patchin WWII
Charles C Parshall WWII
Alexander F Park WWII
Robert E Parish WWII
Beatrice J Parish WWII
Mary Ellen Parce WWII
Arthiur M Parce WWII
William T Paparteys WWII
Vincent C Paparteys WWII
Alex Panko WWII
John E Palmer WWII
Elwyn K Palmer WWII
Clyde E Palmer WWII
Anthony E Pallace WWII
Harold J Packer WWII
Gordon M Packer WWII
Alfred C Packer Jr WWII
Willard T Ouimette WWII
Theodore M Ouimette WWII
Francis Ouimet WWII
Mildred Otto WWII
Kenneth H Otten WWII
Joseph L Otello WWII
Anthony Otella WWII
Thomas Osterhoudt WWII
Napoleon Osterhoudt WWII
Carl M Osterhoudt WWII
Richard S Osbourne WWII
Harry J Orelman WWII
Robert D Orcutt WWII
Leland Oliver WWII
George Oliver WWII
William C Oliver WWII
Ford B Olds WWII
Stewart Oldes WWII
James J O'Hara WWII
William C O'Donnell WWII
John J O'Donnell WWII
Francis X O'Donnell WWII
Joseph L Odell WWII
Hurbert W Odell WWII
George O Odell WWII
Donald L Odell WWII
Arthur O'Conner WWII
Kenneth A O'Brien WWII
Walter S Nye WWII
Charles H Null WWII
Earl A Norton WWII
William P Northrop WWII
Stanley L Nordberg WWII
Ralph A Nordberg WWII
Ethel Nordberg WWII
Edward J Nolan WWII
Anthony Nilo WWII
Alphonse Nilo WWII
Francis A Niles WWII
Allyn Niles WWII
Albert Nigro WWII
Thomas F Nielsen WWII
Sidenty N Nichols WWII
Ivan G Nichols WWII
Gertrude M Nichols WWII
Charles G Nichols WWII
Charles D Nichols WWII
Albert Nichols WWII
William G Nicholls WWII
Helen Nesbitt WWII
Clarence M Nesbitt WWII