Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this website was to honor all those who served that attended OHS. However, we also respect one’s privacy. If you see a name here it was either provider by the individual themselves, a family member, relative or classmate, or found through public open source records that the indicated they attended and or graduated from OHS and served honorably in a branch of the armed services. (However, if you wish to have your name removed please send us an email and upon receipt of your email your name will be removed.)

1.How can I have my name, a classmate’s name or a relative’s name added that attended OHS and served that armed services?

Just send us an email and list your/their name, year of graduation or last year attended and the branch or branches of service they were in. Also indicate if the veteran is a military retiree, and or a Purple Heart recipient.

3. What if I have pictures or articles I would like share of myself, classmate, or relative while serving in the military?

Please send your photos, articles bios, articles, etc. of the contributions of OHS alumni during their time in uniform via email. This information with be then reviewed and posted on out “Tributes /Memories” page how that information will be maintained in a secure manner.

4. I would like to make a cash contribution to offset the cost of the annual OHS military veteran annual breakfast. How can I do this?

You can do this by making a check, money order Paypal Western, etc, payable to: “The Oneonta Vets Club” – Their mailing address is 279 Chestnut St. Oneonta New York 13820 or call (607)-432-0494 if you wish to stop in and pay in person. Also, please remember to note on the check or money order for “OHS alumni Vet Breakfast” to help the Oneonta Vet’s club for their accounting records.

5. Class year: You will either see the graduation year listed, or it is unknown a UNK or an “A” if the individual at some point had attended OHS but did not graduate due to a family move, or for other reasons.