Fallen Classmates

Fallen Classmates

This page is dedicated to all those who attended Oneonta High School and died while in the service of their country whether it be as a result of combat (Killed in Action) or a non-combat related death.

We are organizing the names of fallen classmates by war or military conflict. Current information is for the Viet Nam War.

RVN – Republic of Viet Nam

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Number of Veterans: 63

Class of Picture Student Name Branch of Service Conflict Rank RIP
Edward A Harkenreader USA Korean War PFC 2/19/44
Jack Anthony Oliver USA Korean War PVT 9/6/1952
Hilton L Mitchell Korean War SFC
John Francis Donlin USA Korean War SFC 1/23/1952
Adrian Gregory Blanchard Jr WWII SGT 11/30/1950
Richard Paul Anderson USA Korean War PVT 6/5/1953
Edward John Roman USA Korean War CPL 8/27/1951
Kenneth A Jeffers USAAF WWII TSgt 2/25/1944
Jopseph J Fitzegerald USA WWII PVT 7/18/1943
Daniel J Brown USAAF WWII TSgt 3/24/1944
Walter F Baran USAAF WWII SGT 1/25/1943
Gilbert Wright USA WWII 1Lt 1/30/1944
David Forrest Wilber USA WWII 1Lt 4/19/1945
Francis E Waterman USAAF WWII SSGT 6/13/1943
Louis S Super USA WWII SSGT 6/27/1944
Joseph H Speranzi USAAF WWII SSGT 11/9/1942
Frank Smith USA WWII PFC 11/6/1944
Rober C Schaffer USA WWII SSGT 8/18/1944
Nicholas C Rosher USA WWII SSGT 6/24/1944
Earle Jaye Robinson USNR WWII SM 12/24/1943
Edward R Reynolds USA WWII TSgt 12/21/1944
Ernest S Price USA WWII TSgt 7/31/1944
Douglas Leroy Platt USA WWII PFC 7/6/1944
George Pappageorge USA KIA Luzon Philippine Islands WWII CPL
James Nilo USA WWII PVT 6/11/1944
Ivan G Nichols USAAF WWII SGT 8/23/1944
William Gage Moody USMC WWII PFC 3/1/1945
John Allen Miller USAAF WWII PFC 7/1/1943
William W Merithew USA WWII PFC 12/7/1941
Lloyd S Mayo USA WWII CPT 5/28/1945
Ralph T Marino USA WWII PFC 4/21/1945
Henry E Markle USA WWII SSGT 7/7/1944
Owen J Jones USA WWII 1Lt 2/22/1945
Fred Davis Hodges USAAF WWII 2Lt 7/28/1943
David W Hodges USA WWII 1Lt 2/11/1945
Frederick R Heck USA WWII SSGT 5/13/1945
Robert T Hardy USA WWII PVT 11/4/1945
George Grosse USN WWII MM 3/1/1942
John E Goodrich USN WWII LTjg 3/21/1945
Harry W Georgeson USA WWII PVT 9/22/1944
Allen B Every USA WWII PVT 12/28/1944
William F Drew USAAF WWII 2Lt 11/9/1944
Emerson H Dedrick USMC WWII MAJ 3/24/1945
Lewis J Cope USA WWII CPL 10/16/1945
Herbert P Cawley USA WWII PVT 6/21/1944
Robert G Caulkins USA WWII PVT 10/7/1943
Willaim D Cargill USA WWII SGT 3/9/1945
John F Bruce USA Unknown WWII PFC 4/27/1945
Richard C Brown USAAF WWII 2Lt 3/24/1945
John F Brienza USA WWII PFC 12/9/1944
Frank E Bond Jr USAAF WWII PFC 6/11/1944
Anthony Amitrano USA WWII PFC 9/4/1944
Unknown J Speranzi USMC WWII Unknown
1966 John Harrington USA Vietnam War CWO2 2013
Unknown Robert A. Wiedeman USMC, KIA, RVN, February 25, 1968 Vietnam War Unknown 2/25/1968
Unknown Leon E. Waters USA KIA, RVN, February 24, 1968 Vietnam War Unknown 2/24/1968
Unknown Donald A. Rittlinger USMC KIA, RVN, December 22, 1968 Vietnam War Unknown 12/22/1968
Unknown George F. Reynolds USA, Non-Combated Related Death, RVN, March 29, 1969 Vietnam War Unknown 3/29/1969
1966 William B. Jones USMC, Non-Combated Related Death, RVN, February 25, 1969 Vietnam War Unknown 2/25/1969
1963 Richard G. Kohland USMC Rifleman - Purple Heart KIA (Killed in Action) - November 10, 1967 Vietnam War Lance Corporal 10/10/67
1964 Arthur D. Elmandorf USA Infantryman- Purple Heart KIA - July 10, 1968 Vietnam War Specialist Fourth Class 7/10/1968
1965 Burdette D. Townsend, Jr. USA Helicopter pilot - Purple Heart- Air Medal KIA - June 20, 1972 Vietnam War CWO2 6/20/1972
1968 James C. Wheeler USA Infantryman/ Paratrooper -Purple Heart KIA - May 20, 1970 Vietnam War Specialist Fourth Class 5/20/1970