Purple Hearts

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Number of Veterans: 60

Class of Picture Student Name Branch of Service Conflict Rank RIP
1962 Patrick Delaney USA 1965-1969 Vietnam War CWO2 1/26/22
Jack Anthony Oliver USA Korean War PVT 9/6/1952
Hilton L Mitchell Korean War SFC
John Francis Donlin USA Korean War SFC 1/23/1952
Adrian Gregory Blanchard Jr WWII SGT 11/30/1950
Richard Paul Anderson USA Korean War PVT 6/5/1953
Edward John Roman USA Korean War CPL 8/27/1951
Herbert W Blanchard WWII
Gilbert Wright USA WWII 1Lt 1/30/1944
David Forrest Wilber USA WWII 1Lt 4/19/1945
Francis E Waterman USAAF WWII SSGT 6/13/1943
Louis S Super USA WWII SSGT 6/27/1944
Joseph H Speranzi USAAF WWII SSGT 11/9/1942
Frank Smith USA WWII PFC 11/6/1944
Rober C Schaffer USA WWII SSGT 8/18/1944
Nicholas C Rosher USA WWII SSGT 6/24/1944
Earle Jaye Robinson USNR WWII SM 12/24/1943
Edward R Reynolds USA WWII TSgt 12/21/1944
Ernest S Price USA WWII TSgt 7/31/1944
Douglas Leroy Platt USA WWII PFC 7/6/1944
George Pappageorge USA KIA Luzon Philippine Islands WWII CPL
James Nilo USA WWII PVT 6/11/1944
Ivan G Nichols USAAF WWII SGT 8/23/1944
William Gage Moody USMC WWII PFC 3/1/1945
John Allen Miller USAAF WWII PFC 7/1/1943
William W Merithew USA WWII PFC 12/7/1941
Lloyd S Mayo USA WWII CPT 5/28/1945
Ralph T Marino USA WWII PFC 4/21/1945
Henry E Markle USA WWII SSGT 7/7/1944
Owen J Jones USA WWII 1Lt 2/22/1945
Fred Davis Hodges USAAF WWII 2Lt 7/28/1943
David W Hodges USA WWII 1Lt 2/11/1945
Frederick R Heck USA WWII SSGT 5/13/1945
Robert T Hardy USA WWII PVT 11/4/1945
George Grosse USN WWII MM 3/1/1942
John E Goodrich USN WWII LTjg 3/21/1945
Harry W Georgeson USA WWII PVT 9/22/1944
Allen B Every USA WWII PVT 12/28/1944
William F Drew USAAF WWII 2Lt 11/9/1944
Emerson H Dedrick USMC WWII MAJ 3/24/1945
Lewis J Cope USA WWII CPL 10/16/1945
Herbert P Cawley USA WWII PVT 6/21/1944
Robert G Caulkins USA WWII PVT 10/7/1943
Willaim D Cargill USA WWII SGT 3/9/1945
John F Bruce USA Unknown WWII PFC 4/27/1945
Richard C Brown USAAF WWII 2Lt 3/24/1945
John F Brienza USA WWII PFC 12/9/1944
Frank E Bond Jr USAAF WWII PFC 6/11/1944
Anthony Amitrano USA WWII PFC 9/4/1944
1936 Sam Bertuzzi USN -Distinguished Service Cross WWII unknown
1966 Michael Hassick USMC - Earned 2 purple hearts Vietnam War Unknown October 16, 2016
1967 R. "Dick" Harrington USA Vietnam War
1966 John Harrington USA Vietnam War CWO2 2013
Unknown Robert A. Wiedeman USMC, KIA, RVN, February 25, 1968 Vietnam War Unknown 2/25/1968
Unknown Leon E. Waters USA KIA, RVN, February 24, 1968 Vietnam War Unknown 2/24/1968
Unknown Donald A. Rittlinger USMC KIA, RVN, December 22, 1968 Vietnam War Unknown 12/22/1968
1963 Richard G. Kohland USMC Rifleman - Purple Heart KIA (Killed in Action) - November 10, 1967 Vietnam War Lance Corporal 10/10/67
1964 Arthur D. Elmandorf USA Infantryman- Purple Heart KIA - July 10, 1968 Vietnam War Specialist Fourth Class 7/10/1968
1965 Burdette D. Townsend, Jr. USA Helicopter pilot - Purple Heart- Air Medal KIA - June 20, 1972 Vietnam War CWO2 6/20/1972
1968 James C. Wheeler USA Infantryman/ Paratrooper -Purple Heart KIA - May 20, 1970 Vietnam War Specialist Fourth Class 5/20/1970